myths and facts about breast cancer


Q. I have a breast lump but it is not causing any pain, so no problem

A: - Majority of the breast cancer lumps are painless.

Q. If I have breast cancer whole breast has to be removed

A: - Results are same for breast conservation surgery  when compared with removal of whole breast.

Q. Breast cancer affects only old women.

A: - Even though chances are high as the age increases, breast cancer can affect women of any age. [even in 20’s and 30’s]

Q. If there is a lump in breast it means cancer.

A: - A lump in breast is not always cancer and infact more number of times it is not.

Q. Breast cancer can spread from one to another.

A: - Breast cancer does not spread from one individual to another.

Q. I am taking a special drug which will prevent cancer.

A: - There is no drug/diet which can prevent cancer altogether. But a healthy lifestyle definitely helps.

Q. Men can’t get breast cancer.

A: - Even though rare even men can get breast cancer.

Q. I don’t have any bad habits and have a healthy lifestyle I should not worry about cancer.

A: - screening is a must for all.

Q. My mother has breast cancer, does that mean I will also get it.

A: - Risk is same as general population unless there is a problem  in gene [BRCA1 and BRCA2].